Wedding Journey

Behind the Scenes: Picking the Wedding Dress

I’m so lucky I have a father that likes to take pictures of EVERYTHING. Specially when I get nostalgic, I just go back to the hundreds of pictures of my childhood and rejoice.

As you can imagine, the wedding journey was no exception.

Looking back, I’m so glad he took his camera for my last wedding dress fitting.

It was one of the lasts trips we had all together as a family before I went off to Slovenia, which makes this memory all the more precious.

DSC_0201 DSC_0205After a successful tour around the wedding stores in my hometown, we decided to go to the USA to find my wedding dress.

I found it in Kory’s, in Nogales. Arizona.  Kory’s has been in the wedding industry for a very long time. It was probably one of the first wedding stores that open in Nogales, and since everyone in Hermosillo used to buy in Nogales, they have been dressing entire families of brides by now. My aunts and cousins for example. So they convinced me from the get go, to go there before other store in Arizona.

DSC_0211 DSC_0214And it was the perfect choice! Continue reading

Sunny thoughts

The Anti-Advice Column: Happily Ever After


Are things better now that you’re married? 

I have been recently asked this question a lot and frankly I never know what to answer.

First of all, what do people mean by things? 

Aspects of the relationship dynamic, personality traits, political ideologies, intimacy? There are a vast range of things to pick up from. But as a matter of fact, sometimes I feel that people actually want to ask me…

Would he/she FINALLY change that thing I have always disliked about him/her? or Is marriage something my partner and I should do to fix ALL of our problems? Continue reading

Life in Slovenia

Slovely pictures 06.10.14: 24, grape-picking, Normals & more

Hello everyone!

How has fall been treating you? Here trees are romantically turning to a fabulous color mixture of yellow and orange, everybody’s baking pies aaaaand almost every one I know is getting sick. Seasonal changes are a biteinthebutt!

Specially now that I’m officially at my graduate classes because I’m sharing a room with other 40+ classmates. It’s like the first week of daycare, when you start all happy and healthy but since it’s your first time interacting with people outside your home.. BAM! You get sick.

So here I am writing this with tea on one side and a thousand tissues on the other. #glamourousbloggerlife

But before that, life was pretty sweet.

We celebrated my 24th birthday doing one of the things Mr. M and I love the most that is… eating fried noodles (as you might’ve guess by now.)

We went for a walk around city center too, got some fancy foreign beer from the Pivoteca (the perfect little hidden store with some one of the rarest beers, but more of that later) and settled to eat at The Wok because we can’t ever resist fried noddles, ever really.

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Sunny thoughts

Attention please

After a lot of meditation about the current state of my blog, asking around for advice to my loved ones & to some of my favorite bloggers, I got TONS of heart felt, inspiring advice! It’s true, it feels surreal for me really.

Belinda from Found Love, Now What? even made a video about all the gazillion questions I asked about blogging. I’m quite embarrased but so very honored.

And Emily from The Well Traveled Wife had the sweetest and most encouraging words of advice for me!

I mean, is this real life? I’m beyond grateful, you have no idea how happy this makes me. It definitely gave me the boost of positivity I needed to continue and get my head cleared out. Thanks a million, girls!!

So why did I wanted to gather your attention? Continue reading


Liebster Award

I hadn’t realized that Danielle from TheUnfinnishedBlog had nominated me for a Liebster Award quite a while ago until today. Thanks Danielle! A small slow clap for me since I’m answering this quite a little bit later (hey! they do say it’s better to do something late than never, right? right?!).

Anyway it’s my first one, yay blog! The goal of this is to help fellow bloggers by linking back to the one who nominated you, answering their questions, creating new questions, and by nominating other 5 more bloggers to answer the new set of questions. The point here is also for the readers and bloggers to get to know each other a little bit better. Here are my answers: Continue reading