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My Last Day as a 23 Year Old

Dear 23, 

Words won’t ever be able to explain how incredible you were to me.  23 sounds like such an insignificant number compared to 25 or 18, those numbers sound like they have a turning point hidden in them. 23 doesn’t have that appeal to it. How wrong was I.

I never thought that 23 would have so many important events waiting for me to seize them. Graduating, getting a glimpse of the “real-world”, getting engaged, planning a wedding, moving abroad, moving in with my fiancee, getting married, travelling (so much travelling, yey!), living with the love of my life, starting my master’s degree, and challenging me to the point of no return. Continue reading

Life in Slovenia


This place has been a little quiet lately, and here is the reason why…

As you may have figured out by now, my life drastically changes from month to month. Two months ago, I thought I would be able to keep up with all of this blogging hustle, but there might be a change of plans. At least in pace. There are big changes ahead, in my daily routine, this blog, and my life in general.

I start my Master’s degree studies full on in the next couple of weeks. It’s a full-time program, and when they stated that, they really meant it. Just these last two weeks, I was part of their bootcamp program. It’s a speacial bootcamp for people that don’t have a background in Economics or are foreigners and need to know the basics in knowledge in order to handle the program appropriately.  So, in just two weeks they teach you all you need to know. And when I say all of it, I mean e v e r y t h i n g. 

Boy, was it tough!  Continue reading

Life in Slovenia

Lately Vol.1: TV Series

I’m currently devouring all I can take of series, documentaries, blogs and movies because my free-time will be cut short cold  turkey. I’m starting school on Monday… ick, just writing that was hard. I’m pursuing my Master’s Degree in International Business Management. That fancy big title alone makes me really nervous, but hopefully it’s something I can hustle.

So instead of facing my fears like any brave human being, I’m just looking at ways to getting distracted (like any normal human being). Join me in my obsession process, please. I need to talk to someone other than my husband and family about these things!  Continue reading

Life in Slovenia

Slovely Pictures 15.08.14

Life has been pretty great lately.

There are a lot of different cultural activities to do around here, and since I’ll be starting school soon.. I have to really take of advantage of the free time I have now!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend & I went to The Brain Exhibition at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

brain exhibition 1

The parts of your brain activated when performing a choreography

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