10 tips on what to pack for Europe in spring

10 tips on what to pack for Europe in spring

Packing for a multi-country European vacation can get quite complicated really quickly. With diverse landscapes and weather types even during the same season, figuring out what to pack for Europe in spring can be quite tricky. And because I don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes I made, I compiled a list of the 10 tips on what to pack for Europe in Spring!



1| Breathable light layers

Do bring short and long sleeve cotton shirts, and only pack halter or sleeveless tops if you are going to the beach. But even if you do plan to visit some place warmer in Croatia you will still need at least a light jacket to keep you warm. Colder places still get tempertures around 10°C, so pack a warm jacket and some shirts that you will be able to layer as the weather during the day changes quite a lot. And a light comfy scarf as well!

2| Comfortable shoes

If you can be sure about something, is that any city you visit, will be filled with cobbled stone streets. And since you will probably walk everywhere, wearing shoes that will endure the tough roads is a must. For my first trip to Venice, I thought it was a good idea to bring my cute, cheap affordable booties. They lasted exactly 8 hours. By the time we arrived to the hostel, they were completely destroyed. Luckily, I had some ugly spare tennis shoes and one more lesson under my sleeve.

3| Appropriate outerwear

In one day you will likely experience sun, rain, wind and heat. A warm leather jacket paired up with some hoodies, or perhaps a think windbreaker will become your best friend. So if you are a fashionable girl like me, pick a cute one because unfortunately no one will get to see your cute tops in the pictures while you are here.

4| Travel size/tester beauty essentials

Don’t leave your hydrating cream at home, with so many weather changes your skin will thank you! And better yet, pack up their travel size versions. Reuse hotel shampoo bottles if you can’t find your specific brand. Makeup removers are also a must, and if you are environmentally conscious, how about trying this cleansing cloth? Little things can make a difference during your travels.

5| Day backpack/messenger bag for sightseeing

Remember that you will likely encounter rain, so stick to a leather or polyester material bag. Make sure your essentials are safely pack. You don’t want your camera or passport to get ruined. And if you are in the hunt for a cool leather bag that gives back, check out the made to order Mahi Leather goods, $1.50 from every product purchased goes to the charity FRANK water!

pack for Europe in spring


6| Travel insurance specifically for the type of activities you will do

Getting travel insurance might be an obvious for some of you. But before you buy just any insurance type, make sure it will cover the types of activities you will take part of. For example, most basic travel insurances don’t cover extreme sports and in some cases, skiing is considered as such. So if you are planning on doing something a little bit out of the ordinary make sure you buy the right travel package for you.

7| Water bottle

Bottled water in Europe is expensive. So don’t think that packing your own bottle water is silly, most tap water is safe to drink. Confirm with your hotel before you fill your bottle up though. Take advantage of city fountains, most European capital like Paris and Ljubljana have them placed around the most touristic places.

8| Electricity adapter

For some electrical products, a basic electricity adapter will do. But in the case of electrical shavers or laptops, there are certain specifications you must follow. Check this useful article by REI before making your purchase.

9| Digital copies and photocopies of important documents

Scan your visa, passport, insurance letter and any other important document that are necessary for your trip. Download them into your phone. Also carry photocopies of such documents. And if you are going out and need to show an ID, use a picture student ID card and leave your passport safely in your hotel. Or if you have a little bit of dumb luck, the bouncer in the club in London will let you in by just showing a photocopy of your passport. Was that a total fail or travel win? Asking for a friend, you know.

10| Basic medications and prescriptions

Some European countries have really big restrictions on certain type of medicines. In my case, I need a specific type of cream for my dermatitis that is only available through prescription in Europe. The over the counter cream doesn’t really help me much, so every time I go back to Mexico I make sure I bring it with me. If you have a more serious condition then make sure you talk to your doctor about your options. If you have a chronic condition, you might want to check out Wayfaring with Wagner post detailed post on traveling with a chronic condition. You will find it extremely helpful!

Have you ever made inappropriate weather mistakes when traveling?

From the sunny side of this,

This post was done in collaboration with MAHI Leather. All opinions and thoughts remain my own.

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