Canvas backpacks vs Leather Backpacks: Which Is Best to Carry While Traveling

If you are thinking of buying a backpack for traveling, chances are that you have narrowed down your list to these two types of materials: leather and canvas. Leather and canvas backpacks are preferred by many travellers because of the amazing features that they are equipped with. So, canvas backpack vs leather backpack, which is the best choice? Continue reading to find out.

Benefits of canvas backpacks

Canvas backpacks are loved by many travelers because they are very easy to clean and maintain. You can toss it on your washing machine for a quick clean-up and continue with your travels. Additionally, they are lightweight, flexible, and usually expand to accommodate items stored in the backpack. This is important for travellers because it ensures that you store many items without damaging the backpack. Canvas backpacks are also available in many different designs, styles and colors, meaning you can choose one that suits your style and personality. They are also very affordable. The only drawback of canvas backpacks is that they can tear easily. Pick a quality canvas backpack from this online shop.

Canvas backpacks vs Leather Backpacks

Benefits of a leather backpack

Leather backpacks are equipped with many amazing features that make them an ideal choice for many travellers. First, leather backpacks are sturdy and very durable. If well taken care of, these backpacks can last for a lifetime. More so, they are biodegradable, meaning they are friendly to the environment. Leather backpacks are also stylish, unique, and very attractive. However, these backpacks are quite heavy and very expensive. They also get damaged when exposed to water for an extended period.

Which one is better for traveling ?

Both canvas backpacks and leather backpacks have their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, canvas backpacks are lightweight, flexible, and affordable but can easily get damaged while leather backpacks are durable, unique, and stylish but very expensive. We recommend that you choose one that suits your traveling needs.…

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sonora, Mexico

Thought today would be a fun opportunity of showing you more about the state I was born and raised in: Sonora. Despite the fact that is the 2nd largest state in Mexico and an important economic figure since it is right next to the USA a lot of people don’t know much about it!

If they know something, they just assume it’s just a large desert with cacti and people sleeping under some shadow. But I’m here to show you about the rich history and precious hidden gems Sonora has to offer!

1. Hermosillo once held the title for hottest populated city in the whole world. It registered temperatures of 50-53 degrees Celsius last June. The thing is most of the time high temperatures are registered in places where the population is close to non-existent, and at the point Hermosillo turned to be the first populated city with such temperatures.

2. Sonora is home to 8 indigenous groups: Mayos, Yaquis, Pimas, Guarijíos, Series, Pápagos, Cucapá, Kikapoo. Seven of them live in their own autonomous regions. The Yaquis are the indigenous group with most inhabitants, close to 35,000. Our state’s symbol is their Danza del Venado (Deer Dance) and it represents a battle between the hunter and deer. The Papagos are also spread around parts of the USA, and they are the indigenous group creators of the ‘dream catchers‘. One of the Seris most important ceremonies is the “Puberty Celebration” where the whole town gathers for 3 days of consecutive festivities upon celebrating the first menstruation of one of the girls from the village, talk about #femalepower.

La Danza del Venado(Source)

3. Sonora’s most popular sport is baseball. The Sonoran Stadium is one of the largest baseball stadium of Latin America with a capacity of hosting 16,000 people.


4. One of the most famous and successful boxers of all time, Julio Cesar Chavez, was born in Cd. Obregon, Sonora.

5. The largest desert biosphere reserve is in Sonora, El Gran Desierto del Pinacate. It’s part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site due the dramatic combination of two very distinct landscape types: volcanic landscapes (El Pinacate) and sand dunes (Gran Desierto de Altar). Actually, the Sonoran Stadium architecture is inspired by this one-of-a-kind natural monument.


6. The Mirador Escénico of San Carlos, Sonora is considered the #1 Ocean Scenic View of the world according to National Geographic. And I for one I’m a witness of the astounding sunsets this place has. Grab your bags people because views like this don’t come too often.


7. The #1 player from the Top 10 MLB Players From Mexico is Fernando Valenzuela. Born in Navojoa, Sonora and creator of the “Fernandomania” in 1981, when the 20-year-old left-hander dazzled the National League and won the Rookie of the Year and the Cy Young Award that very same year.

8. Mexico’s largest island is in Sonora, it’s La Isla del Tiburon (Shark Island). Though, no tourists are allowed there. It is uninhabited by humans, the island was made a nature reserve in 1963 by President López Mateos and has the largest diversity of plant and animal species in the Gulf of California. The island is home to a large variety of resident and migratory bird species as well as desert big horn sheep and bura deer. A large variety of reptiles and desert turtles are among the protected species. I got a chance to visit it after an expedition with Rotaract to Punta Chueca, the town next to the Island and home of the Seris indigenous group. After a day of working with them, they invited …

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