What You Need to Know Before Dating a Slovenian Guy

They say you can only be lucky in love or in gambling, and I’m happy to report that I am lucky in love. Slovenia has only 2.06 million inhabitants. You can consider yourself lucky if you happen to be dating a Slovenian guy! wink-wink

I am writing this list for the girl currently having no luck googling “dating Slovenian men”. I was in the same place as you. And I couldn’t find much information either. So alas, let here give you… what you need to know before dating a Slovenian guy.

Please read with a pinch of salt and humor. Also, I am pretty sure this is applicable to any other culture or country 🙂


They are very active

They love organizing events, and attending any local cultural or sports activity. And can have many hobbies at a time. They are also fond of traveling, and they are the kind of guys who live say yes to any kind of plan. Slovenia is community oriented. So guys grow up with strong ties to their family, and friends. They are not extreme social butterflies. But they are the kind of people who will get creative when picking up what to do on a date. And the major benefit is that they always have something interesting to talk about. It never gets boring!

They love the outdoors

Somewhat kind of similar the last point, but this deserves an explanation on its own. If you are not used to hiking or camping, or anything related to nature, prepare to be thrown out of your comfort zone. Slovenians LOVE hiking, and they have been doing it for most of their lives. Some kids are already going on hikes even before they even know how to walk! So even if they haven’t been on a hike for awhile, their muscle memory is still impeccable. Which is something they might not take into consideration when taking you on your first hike 1000 meters uphill. You can read more about that incident here. Prepare yourself for spontaneous off-the road hikes ahead because there will be plenty!

They prefer their dinners early and “light”

In Slovenia, dinner is usually between 5-6, because lunch is usually between 11-12.Oh and they usually don’t have breakfast. I still haven’t get used to this, and I don’t know when I will. In Mexico dinner is usually a bowl of cereal, a salad or a quesadilla. But once in a while you love to treat ourselves with some kind of street food style dinner. Which is “too heavy” for Slovenian guys. Their version of light is half a baguette or loaf of bread with dozens slices of cheeses and hams (oh, and beer!). I laughed so much when a friend told me that her Slovenian boyfriend refuses to have potatoes, and chicken for dinner. But it’s totally okay with having half a kilo worth of sandwiches for himself. Maybe their version of “light” is something that doesn’t need to be cooked? Anyway, I’m giving you the heads up for when you encounter this inevitable cultural clash.

Their favorite meal is Sunday lunch

Sunday lunch is not a typical takeout food sort of day. Slovenian Sunday lunch is a 5 course meal. It involves a typical Slovenian beef or mushroom soup, a good portion of fried chicken or roasted pork (or both), green salad with pumpkin oil, and a bunch of roasted potatoes. Dessert is also included. And it’s usually something sweet like apple štruklji. Sunday lunch is sacred and they will never get enough of it, period.

It gets really serious, really fast

Slovenian guys won’t waste time letting you know how they feel for you. At least that has been the case I’ve heard with my foreigner friends (uhmm, yes I hang out with girls who are dating or married to Slovenian guys, which sounds like a sort of phenomenon now but that will be a post for some other time). Mr. M and I had already been talking everyday for one month when he already told his friends that I was his girlfriend. I guess if the circumstances would have been more “normal” it wouldn’t have taken me by surprise. But we had just met, and most of our interactions involved Skype or Facebook Messenger. It is safe to say that it shocked me. A friend told be that the day she meet her Slovenian boyfriend, he had already started talking about their future together. It could be the fact that long distance relationships tend to be intense. But Slovenians don’t waste time on playing tricks with you. Specially if the circumstances involve someone traveling from one country to another.

They love adrenaline

Every Slovenian guy I know has this really intense hobby. They love things like motocross, skydiving, rafting, or rock climbing. Aside from the fact that they love the outdoors, they love feeling of living on the edge. Which is ironical because Slovenians are one of the most calm, and chill people I know. It could be because Slovenia’s natural landscapes have a lot to offer on this regard. Don’t be surprised when a Slovenian guy starts telling you their story about the time their parachute almost didn’t open. Or about how once they almost broke their bones para-gliding. Sometimes I feel that Mr. M is going to wake up one day and tell me “I’m going to hike Mt. Everest”. And FYI, the first married couple who ever hiked the Everest together where Slovenians. A Slovenian true love story for the ages.

They love casual clothes

So you know how French and Italian men are famous for their impressive fashion sense? Well, it is quite the opposite with Slovenian guys sometimes. The minute a Slovenian guy steps into his home, he will strip down and change into his “home” attire. Which include sport shorts, and one of those random free T-shirt they give you. This has its benefits because they do take care of their formal wear. But they will sometimes carry this look to the bar, the super market, or their job. I would say that in general Slovenians like to dress in more casual clothes. And with athleisure being all the rage right now, they don’t have a problems with not being in fashion.

They are caring

And last but not least, I should emphasize that Slovenian guys are really caring, and sweet. They go to lengths to show you how much they care. They love bringing you flowers, but like in a pot so you can build your own personal garden. And remembering the small things you like, and don’t like. They are sensitive, and loyal. And I am in love with one, so I am really biased, and I could go on and on. But you have to believe me, they are really nice people! <3

Girls dating Slovenian guys, do you agree? What would you add? And If you are dating a foreigner, what do you notice they do different than guys in your home country?

From the funny side of this,


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